WoSAR 2022 Program


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WoSAR1: Software Rejuvenation Models

(Keynote) Rejuvenation On-The-Go: Addressing Software Aging in Android Mobile Systems
Roberto Natella

A Markov Regenerative Model of Software Rejuvenation Beyond the Enabling Restriction
Laura Carnevali, Marco Paolieri, Riccardo Reali, Leonardo Scommegna and Enrico Vicario

Sequential Performance Analysis of Systems that Age and Rejuvenate
Leonardo Nascimento, Cabral Lima, Daniel Menasché and Guilherme Domingues

Towards Making Unikernels Rejuvenatable
Takeru Wada and Hiroshi Yamada

WoSAR2: Software Rejuvenation and Runtime Models

(Keynote) Software Rejuvenation and Cybersecurity Issues in Model Predictive Control
Jose Maria Maestre Torreblanca

Software rejuvenation and runtime reliability monitoring
Alessandro Fantechi, Gloria Gori and Marco Papini

WoSAR3: Software Aging Models

Analysis of Software Aging in a Blockchain Platform
Douglas Dias, Fumio Machida and Ermeson Andrade

Crash Injection to Persistent Memory for Recovery Code Validation
Soichiro Sakamoto, Keita Suzuki and Kenji Kono

A Software Aging-Related Bug Prediction Framework Based on Deep Learning and Weakly Supervised Oversampling
Yancai Zhou, Jianwen Xiang and Chen Zhang