RSDA 2022 Program


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RSDA Keynote

Moving Target Defense (MTD): Recent Advances and Future Research Challenges
Dongseong Dan Kim

RSDA2: Dependability of Machine Learning and Security-related Practices

TENSORFI+: A Scalable Fault Injection Framework for Modern Deep Learning Neural Networks
Sabuj Laskar, Md Hasanur Rahman and Guanpeng Li.

Sentinel: A Multi-institution Enterprise Scale Platform for Data-driven Cybersecurity Research
Alastair Nottingham, Molly Buchanan, Mark Gardner, Jason Hiser and Jack Davidson.

(Invited Talk) SECOM: Towards a convention for security commit messages
Rui Abreu

RSDA3: Artificial Intelligence for Testing and Monitoring

Automated Test Case Generation from Input Specification in Natural Language
Tianyu Li, Xiuwen Lu and Hui Xu.

D2MON: Detecting and Mitigating Real-Time Safety Violations in Autonomous Driving Systems
Bohan Zhang, Yafan Huang, Rachael Chen and Guanpeng Li.

The AID4TRAIN project and Closing Remarks
Raffaele Della Corte, Marta Catillo, João F. Ferreira and Guanpeng (Justin) Li